Dating Self

Strange title right?  I believe you must date yourself first before you date anyone else. What I mean is, exploring yourself and what makes you happy is very important, because if this is unknown then you can’t make anyone else happy.  Do you take the time to congratulate  yourself for accomplishing small task or do you rush day to day activities and not celebrate the small wins along the way.  This is very important because it shows how you appreciate being into yourself and loving yourself, this is key before you can love another.  Look at dating yourself as opportunity to keep everything in turned with reality. Take the time to understand what keep you motivated and drive you to get up in the morning.  I believe that once you know who you are, you can excel at anything you put your mind to, at this point, dating becomes easy.

Have you ever tried making a list of likes and dislikes about yourself, try it.  One column you will put likes, with a line between, and then put dislikes.  Be honest with yourself.  You should at least come up with twenty to thirty on each side. This will give you  a clear understanding and incite about your personality.  Moreover, you should be able to understand what you will tolerate from the opposite sex based on your dislikes about yourself.   Keep in mind that this isn’t always one hundred percent accurate.  Knowing yourself is really key to not being used or abused by your fellow man, wether that person is your lover or a family member.  Knowing yourself allows you to exercise good sound judgment.  A sound character will take you along way and people will recognize that if their willing to try something negative then they better come correct or not a all.


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