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I truly think that knowing more than enough about the person your dating is a great start to a long and lasting relation.  In this day and age, we should be most concern about who were dating and their background.  This coincide with compatibility because the more we know about the opposite sex the better we feel about a long lasting relationship.  I remember meeting a very attractive young  lady I meet at the mall, and for the first three months we went on dinner dates, to the movie and spent countless hours on the phone talking about bad relationships and what we were looking for in our next special relationship.  She seem to know exactly what she wanted in a long lasting relationship and so did I.  She told me that she came from a very abusive relationship and she wouldn’t waste any more time with me if she thought that I was abusive and didn’t treat her right.  I was definitely understanding and  respectful of her feelings.  I began to trust her based on her telling me very personal information about her last relationship, so I began to divulge information as well.  I told her the last relationship I was in was very hurtful and caused me a great deal of depression because four and a half years of trust, I found out that my lady friend was sleeping  with my best friend.  This turn of events put me out of the dating scene for two years.  I will reveal in an upcoming blog what happen to the very attractive young lady I meet at the mall, years ago.  Enough about me and my personal dating blunders, let talk about what we should know about a person before we actually meet for the first time.

Many times we can’t determine were we meet a person because sometimes things happen spontaneously.  In this case we still need to do our homework. Meeting in public is a very good position to be in because if anything goes wrong you have plenty of witnesses around, waiting to assist you if need be. Once you leave the public your very next conversation you should be gathering information about that person.  We know that the attraction is there but does this person meet our dating profile.  We will not know what’s coming down the road if we aren’t looking beyond that initial attraction and disappointment, and heartbreak is soon to follow.  Our dating profile is our personal information of what our ideal person is and how they match up to our personality. We need to ask as many question as we can before the next date, if there is one, my grandparents ( gave great advice on this situation.  If question being ask makes this person uncomfortable then maybe this person has something to hide, which is a red flag.  Once you gather as information that you can about this person before the second date, then you want to look at your personal profile and see if the same qualities match with this person.  The next thing you want to do is find a true confidant and let them review your profile and their profile… you should tell them to be honest and as frank as possible.  Ultimately you are the determining factor in all of this, however, if a true friend thinks there isn’t a match and you have a gut feeling as well, then your probably both right.

I have learned that by asking certain question regarding the other person profile will help you make an informed decision if you should continue to date this person again. One important question that you should ask a person is, “have you every been treated for mental illness or been incarcerated for any reason’?  This is sure to make them uncomfortable and will trigger any aggression, which definitely will raise a red flag.  Another great question to as ask, if the person is  married or ever been married.  Many time this simple question is over looked because, why would this person be talking to me if they were married?  There are many other questions to ask to determine if a person fits your profile or not.  Keep in mind you want to ask the questions that make him or her feel uncomfortable and if it doesn’t then your one step closer to finding your right mate…please keep in touch for more information on this topic.(back to the beginning)


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