The First Date

We should always consider and make preparation regarding our first date whether were male or female.  In this blog, I will explore what things to consider from a male point of view and also from a female point of view.  There are many steps and precaution that you need to think about the first time you meet. There is no such thing as being over cautious because in this day and time we all could use a little advice because we embark upon a new adventure with someone else. We should also consider the old style dating and courting methods of our grandparents.  I remember when my grandparents would demand that I bring my date over so that they could throughly investigate her and me to determine if we were compatible, and if they thought we weren’t a good couple then it was back to the drawing board for me.  I though this was a little over bearing back then, however I knew that they mint well.  I had to endure my grandparents date questioning techniques well into my early twenties, until I moved.

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