About Me

Hello, I’m Terry, I am 32 years old and I reside in the state of Texas.  I have been always excited about writing and reading books from a very young age.  since the age of nine years old, I would allow books and writing to take me to places I never been or seen.  I guest you would say I had a very active imagination and I did.  Moving on, as I’ve grown older I really learned to appreciate being able to travel at my leisure and explore many thing and places I’ve written about as a young child.  I created this blog because of my desire to find happiness in me and helping others find that same happiness as well.  What I am trying to say is, I have had many bad experiences with dating the opposite sex.  I have learned through dating some of the pitfalls to avoid when dating the opposite sex. I will try to give attention to what works and what doesn’t work on the dating scene.  Through research and your feed back, hopefully we can find happiness thought dating and being able to find who is wright for us from the start to avoid heart ache and misery. Please fill free to reach out to me at any time.(click here)