The First Date

We should always consider and make preparation regarding our first date whether were male or female.  In this blog, I will explore what things to consider from a male point of view and also from a female point of view.  There are many steps and precaution that you need to think about the first time you meet. There is no such thing as being over cautious because in this day and time we all could use a little advice because we embark upon a new adventure with someone else. We should also consider the old style dating and courting methods of our grandparents.  I remember when my grandparents would demand that I bring my date over so that they could throughly investigate her and me to determine if we were compatible, and if they thought we weren’t a good couple then it was back to the drawing board for me.  I though this was a little over bearing back then, however I knew that they mint well.  I had to endure my grandparents date questioning techniques well into my early twenties, until I moved.

Profile Dating

I truly think that knowing more than enough about the person your dating is a great start to a long and lasting relation.  In this day and age, we should be most concern about who were dating and their background.  This coincide with compatibility because the more we know about the opposite sex the better we feel about a long lasting relationship.  I remember meeting a very attractive young  lady I meet at the mall, and for the first three months we went on dinner dates, to the movie and spent countless hours on the phone talking about bad relationships and what we were looking for in our next special relationship.  She seem to know exactly what she wanted in a long lasting relationship and so did I.  She told me that she came from a very abusive relationship and she wouldn’t waste any more time with me if she thought that I was abusive and didn’t treat her right.  I was definitely understanding and  respectful of her feelings.  I began to trust her based on her telling me very personal information about her last relationship, so I began to divulge information as well.  I told her the last relationship I was in was very hurtful and caused me a great deal of depression because four and a half years of trust, I found out that my lady friend was sleeping  with my best friend.  This turn of events put me out of the dating scene for two years.  I will reveal in an upcoming blog what happen to the very attractive young lady I meet at the mall, years ago.  Enough about me and my personal dating blunders, let talk about what we should know about a person before we actually meet for the first time. Continue reading “Profile Dating”

Finding The Opposite Sex

Many Questions have crossed my mind when it comes to finding the opposite sex and being compatible.  One approached that I have seen work is going to places and engaging in activities that you enjoy and finding that person during this time frame.  Basically finding people with like interest and activities.  Most of the time you will find a person more attractive if they are engaging in activities that interest you.  Let say you enjoy roller skating, go skating and enjoy yourself and furthermore take the time to observe the opposite sex that you have an interest in.  Maybe engage this person in conversation and offer to buy them a soda or coffee.  Ask them if they have a minute to sit down for a short period of time… after all, you came to skate, not spend your time on a bench talking to a total stranger.  Quickly ask that person about other interest and hobbies they may have.  You may want to ask they if they are single or ever been married.  The one thing you want to do ,if you are deciding to further with this relationship is to ask why they got out there last relation. Last and most important trust your gut feeling.  Most of the time we know the answer before we are told by our peers to leave this person alone.  Trust your gut, because most of the time it will not let you down.

Another way to shorten the search when trying to find the opposite sex would be to sign up for an online dating service.  In most cases you can find out if a person interest you right online.  Most services charge a monthly or yearly fee to participate in the service.  Here you can view a person profile and  get a description of what your ideal man or women might be.  This information is helpful because you can look at their profile and find the person who matches your interest, of course there needs to be some sort of attraction for that person.  I wouldn’t put much stock in a persons profile because there are a few dishonest people out there trying to mislead you, so be careful. Overall, find creative ways to find people that you have an interest in and always trust your inner voice and listen to your peer regarding anyone you get involved with.

Dating Self

Strange title right?  I believe you must date yourself first before you date anyone else. What I mean is, exploring yourself and what makes you happy is very important, because if this is unknown then you can’t make anyone else happy.  Do you take the time to congratulate  yourself for accomplishing small task or do you rush day to day activities and not celebrate the small wins along the way.  This is very important because it shows how you appreciate being into yourself and loving yourself, this is key before you can love another.  Look at dating yourself as opportunity to keep everything in turned with reality. Take the time to understand what keep you motivated and drive you to get up in the morning.  I believe that once you know who you are, you can excel at anything you put your mind to, at this point, dating becomes easy.

Have you ever tried making a list of likes and dislikes about yourself, try it.  One column you will put likes, with a line between, and then put dislikes.  Be honest with yourself.  You should at least come up with twenty to thirty on each side. This will give you  a clear understanding and incite about your personality.  Moreover, you should be able to understand what you will tolerate from the opposite sex based on your dislikes about yourself.   Keep in mind that this isn’t always one hundred percent accurate.  Knowing yourself is really key to not being used or abused by your fellow man, wether that person is your lover or a family member.  Knowing yourself allows you to exercise good sound judgment.  A sound character will take you along way and people will recognize that if their willing to try something negative then they better come correct or not a all.


Welcome to my new website

Hello, welcome to my new website called Date Searcher.  I want to explore the dating world and keep you informed of what is working on the dating scene and what’s not.  I created this site to help myself and other to find a compatible match when it comes to dating and thing you should know before you commit to a person of interest.  I don’t have any professional credentials as far as dating, but I had enough heart breaks to share with the world, and in doing so, hopefully it will help the next person transition to love and find that mr. or ms right easier. I welcome your feed back, because I thing weed back is instrumental for growth and expansion.  I hope you enjoy reading my articles and we become friends along the way,  exploring all aspects of dating and how to make us all better lovers of each other.(find a friend)